A Berniecrat For:

  • Ending Endless War
  • $15 & a Union
  • Fair Trade – Not ‘Free Trade’ (TPP, NAFTA, GATT)

A Congress that Represents People – Not Corporations

  • Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground
  • Single Payer Healthcare
  • Free Public University & Debt Cancellation

“Easy” as 1-2-3

  • A Straight Arrow Caucus – Pledged to Reject Corporate Money
  • Over-the-op Public Funding of ALL Federal Elections
  • Ranked Voting
  • So You Can Always Vote Your Conscience
  • To End the 2-Party Stranglehold on Democracy

– Berning Down the House –

Get to Know Me

Throughout my education and professional experience, I have learned valuable problem solving skills that will allow me to effectively work in Congress for you. Learn More About Me

On the Issues

I am passionate about a large number of issues. One of my main goals is to ensure Congress can no longer be bought and sold for personal gains through a Straight Arrow standard. Stay Up To Date

Join the Revolution

My campaign is not funded by large super PACs or wealthy donors. Help us continue the revolution by volunteering today. Volunteer Today!

Changing the Face of Congress

I propose that every elected official at any level, commit and be held to the Straight Arrow standard that is already the statutory requirement for our government contracting officers. That standard is to take nothing from anyone representing vested interests. This will ensure our government remains one of the people and for the people, so that it can begin working for you again.